Can I order from abroad?
How can I check my previous orders?
What happens after my order has been placed?
Do I have to register for a customer account to be able to place an order?
Can I cancel my order?
Can I change my delivery address for an already completed order?

Shipping & Delivery

How long is the shipping time?
How can I track my order?
What are the shipping costs?
How can I check whether I have placed my order correctly?
What can I do if I receive a damaged item?
Can my shipping address differ from my billing address?
Can I change my delivery address for an already completed order?
Which countries do you deliver to?


Which payment methods are accepted?
Why was a payment by credit card declined?
When will my credit card be charged?
Can I use the name of my company for the invoice?
Where is the security code (CVC) on my credit card?
Will I receive a confirmation after paying?

Return & Refund

How do I ship a return order?
Do I have to pay for a return?
How long does it usually take for the reimbursement to take place?
What happens to my returns after I send them back to you?
How will I be reimbursed?
What can I do if my item has been damaged during the shipping process?
How much time do I have to return items?
Do I receive a confirmation email when my return package has arrived?
Is a direct replacement of the returned item possible?
Which address should I send the return package to?

My Account

How can I register?
How can I change my password or how can I renew my forgotten password?
Can I alter my data by myself?
How can I delete my customer account?
Will my data be sold to third parties?

Gift Cards and Discount Codes

Where can I purchase gift cards?
How do I redeem my discount code?
What happens if I send back my ordered items paid using a gift card?
Can I get the gift card value paid out in cash?
Can I redeem my discount code for an already existing order?