There are various types of barbecues and accessories available that can suit your outdoor dining and food preparation area, regardless...
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There are various types of barbecues and accessories available that can suit your outdoor dining and food preparation area, regardless of the size of your garden and your food preferences. Whether you cook for yourself and your partner or host large groups of people, you can select a charcoal or gas barbecue that not only provides ample cooking space but also includes features and accessories to enhance your dining experience. Although traditional grillers may prefer charcoal, modern outdoor cooks may find gas barbecues more convenient due to their ease of lighting, quick heating, and other benefits.

Choosing the right barbecue

The first decision you need to make is that of which fuel source you should opt for. There are two basic options - gas or charcoal.

  • Gas barbecues are a convenient and speedy option for outdoor cooking. Once you ignite the burner by turning the dial, you can start grilling your favorite foods almost immediately. You can either use a gas bottle or connect your gas barbecue to the mains gas supply for even more convenience, making it a practical alternative to traditional charcoal grills. Gas barbecues also offer greater flexibility and versatility in cooking. Most gas barbecues come with multiple burners and heating zones, allowing you to have one area of the grill hotter than the others, which is useful for cooking different foods simultaneously. These barbecues also typically have lids or hoods to retain heat inside the grill, which may include a thermometer dial to indicate when the internal cooking temperature has reached the desired level. If you're looking for a larger grill, many of the bigger models available are gas-powered, although there are also dual-fuel models that offer the benefits of both gas and charcoal grills. For those concerned about missing out on the authentic charcoal-grilled flavor, you can use smokers and wood chips to enhance the taste. Alternatively, you can opt for a gas barbecue model with built-in features that allow you to add wood chips, which can help replicate the authentic charcoal-grilled taste. At, we also offer wood chips to enhance the flavor of your gas barbecue.
  • Charcoal barbecues - For some people, the traditional flavor of a charcoal-grilled barbecue cannot be replaced by any other cooking method. They enjoy the process of setting up the coals to create multiple and varying heating zones, as well as the unique smoky taste that cannot be easily replicated even with the use of smokers and wood chips. While the classic and durable kettle-style charcoal barbecues are still available, there are also more innovative and advanced options on the market. Some of the luxury charcoal barbecue models now come equipped with features such as lid thermometers, which were previously only found on gas barbecues. However, if you're looking for a portable barbecue, it's more likely that you'll find a gas model. One advantage of charcoal barbecues is their affordability. Generally, gas barbecues are more expensive than charcoal barbecues of the same size. So, if you're on a tight budget, it's worth considering a charcoal model as they offer excellent value for the price.
  • Electric barbecues are a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional charcoal and gas barbecues. They are easy to use, as they require no time-consuming preparation or refuelling. Simply plug the barbecue into an electrical outlet, and it's ready to use. Electric barbecues also offer a consistent and even heat, making them ideal for cooking a range of foods, from burgers and sausages to vegetables and fish. Another benefit of electric barbecues is that they produce less smoke and fumes than traditional charcoal barbecues, making them a suitable option for those who live in apartments or have limited outdoor space. Additionally, electric barbecues are often compact and lightweight, making them a great option for those who enjoy outdoor cooking on the go, such as for camping or picnics.

Barbecue Accessories

Choosing the right barbecue is a crucial first step towards enjoying outdoor dining and entertaining. However, it's not the only factor that contributes to a great grilling experience. To enhance your cooking and enjoyment, it's important to invest in additional accessories and items. These could include smokers and wood chips, specialized cooking utensils, replacement parts, spares, and covers or protectors to increase the longevity of your barbecue.

There are numerous accessories available that can help you make the most of your outdoor dining experience, and many of them are available for purchase on our website at